Annual Report

It is with immense pleasure to submit the Annual Report of the Trust for the year 2017-2018 for the kind perusal, opinions, suggestions, approval and recommendations for the Members of the Trust.

Jupiter Foundation Trust is is presently working in 25 hamlets in Tiruppathur, Singampunari, Devakottai, Kannangudi and S. Pudur Blocks of Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India.  It is also planning to extend the activities in other villages where there is a greater need for the unreached and the economically poor community. During the year 2017-2018, the Trust has implemented various programmes as follows:

Jupiter Foundation Trust has nearly twenty five training centres with intake of 30 students each. The organisations commitment to the holistic developments of the community and the individual has necessitated various programs. The leadership, well accustomed to the rural situations of the state observed the startling number of school dropouts, especially girls, just because they did not have the proficiency in languages. Intervention in this issue was made through starting coaching centres in some blocks of Sivagangai district right from 2009. The Training was conducted in various places like K.Pudupatty, Kilavayal, Kulathupatty, Kunnathur, Manalur, Manthakudipatty, Minnamalaipatty, Musundapatty, Neduvayal, Pulithipatty, S.Pudur, Settykurichy, Ulagampatty, Valasapatty, Varappur, Ganapathypatty, Karisalpatti, Piranpatty, Urathupatty, Melavannarippu, Chithanur, kalathur, Vengalore, Kannangudi, Siruvatchi, Koduvur. 

Job Mela

            Mega Job fair was conducted in Kalayarkoil in the year 2017-18. Nearly 25 beneficiaries were give placement order by the Honourable Minister of Mr.Baskar along with District Collector, Sivagangai. The Job fair lasted for the whole day and nearly 250 beneficiaires were given course completion certificates also.

Tailoring Centres :

Later various students were provided youth skill training under Garment Making. Raw materials such as Nighties, Bags, Shirts were procured from nearby units immediately after cutting and the finished products was made by our trained skill students and the employment cost was handed over to students itself. Thereby employment was also created to youths. Besides being able to save money by making dresses for themselves and their family members quite a number of the trained girls take up tailoring and Garment making as a profession to make their own Living.

Hand Embroidery

The girls are initiated with the vocational training activities with the assistance of the vocational training instructor.  As an initial stage the girls are taught with the decorative articles using the ice stick is initiated.  The girls are eagerly participating and getting their training.  Later we planned to extend the training to make the golden decorative trees.  The vocational training helps us to engage the girls with concentration. Now a day’s our women’s are made paper follower, follower stand, golden tree, paper ear rings, beds jewellery, wall mounding frames, pen stand, Woollen band, woollen garland, cotton rose, Tailoring  ect.,.

SC/ST Welfare Programme

Training on Vocational Skills is a dire needs of SC/ST women and girls for their socio economic empowerment and independent living free from dependence of other family members. This ideology is fast developing among the women, specifically the girls who have completed school education. To meet their such needs, we have started a Hand Emboidery Training centre in the S.Pudur Blocks. During this year, 35 girls were provided such informal training without time limit till they get through training and knowledge on the trades such as Garments Making, School bags making and fancy articles production. It is to be strengthened in coming year by introducing more trades.

Marching ON to Conclusion :

While concluding this Report, we recollect the cooperation and coordination extended by the members, staff team, supporters and the target group members in our service to the deprived and disadvantaged communities during this year and also seek the same kind of cooperation in the years to come. Sweeping economic changes are currently underway in India that will redefine the way people save, invest, spend and provide for their life cycle needs and their looking for answers and a sense of direction, travelling in these unchartered waters. Standing for the people and committed to social transformation through its activities Jupiter Foundation Trust has the responsibility to guide its members to live confidently without compromising on its profitability as a financial institution – We shall take on this challenge.